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Selimondo is a sales, marketing and consulting agency for unique hospitality businesses. We work with hotels, destinations, travel and service operators to help them achieve their brand positioning and revenue goals in key markets around Europe.


With experience, network and language skills in the major European markets, we take a personalized approach towards the relationship with our clients. We think global and act local, based on our clients vision and needs, bringing both innovation and adaptability to the table.

Furthermore, we believe in growth through strategic partnerships, whereby we work with complementary service providers from the tourism and hospitality industry in order to ensure we act as a one stop shop for our clients looking to develop, diversify and discover areas within their business.

Sonia Sorici
Founder & Managing Director

A graduate of Hotelschool The Hague, Sonia has travelled the world and lived in five different countries, gaining experience in sales, marketing & public relations for hospitality companies such as Starwood, Marriott and Design Hotels. Her last role in sales with the St. Regis brand has given her broad and global knowledge of industry markets.

With a passion for experiential travel, unique hotels and doing things right, she has decided to use her insight, network and mindset in assisting individual clients to achieve their goals - all while building lasting partnerships and having fun.

Originally from green Transylvania, Sonia speaks fluent German, Spanish, English and Romanian.

In her free time, you can find her doing (or teaching) yoga, reading a book with a glass of red wine, learning about health & wellness, writing for her lifestyle & travel blog, or enjoying time with friends.



One size fits all is not for us, we work differently with every client and value their story, vision and uniqueness. We think that in order to be relevant in today's fast changing world, hospitality businesses need to be creative, bold, flexible and invest where it is meaningful for their stakeholders. Below are some examples of the services we can offer, however please reach out to discuss how we can help you. 


We act as your outsourced sales manager in the desired market, connecting your business with clients, promoting your products and services, attending trade shows and confirming business on your behalf.


Having a strong online presence is key for any business today. We offer content marketing, from social media strategy and management to newsletters, copywriting, video and photo creation or paid ads.


The experience industry requires mindful staff with tools to create unforgettable moments for clients. We offer wellness, mindfulness and sales trainings aimed at equipping them with what is takes to succeed and thrive.


We offer consultancy in sales and operations management for hotels, as well as concept development for hospitality businesses, from hotels to restaurants and experiences.



We love to work with partners who believe in authenticity, the power of storytelling and the future of hospitality, where experience and its transformational effects are at the forefront.


A collection of upscale hotels around the world, Little Guest Hotels Collection acts as a luxury B2C consortia targeting high-end families with children and designing memorable stays for them at member hotels.

Selimondo assists Little Guest in their global pursuit of portfolio expansion, liaising on their behalf with suitable luxury hotels.


PRE:MIND’s technology solution adds value to existing high-end customer loyalty programs by empowering a brand’s customer facing personnel to be more effective and to provide a greatly enhanced customer experience. 

Selimondo assists PRE:MIND in connecting with clients from the hospitality and experience industry globally.


Our vision is to become a trusted source of knowledge, support and inspiration for tourism and hospitality businesses. Therefore, we partner with like-minded individuals and companies around the world, who like us, strive to deliver outstanding service to their clients. This way, we not only act as a one-stop shop for our clients, recommending them to the best in their fields, but we build a community around a shared mission: creating transformative expereince for and through the world of travel.

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